located in sandy springs, georgia
4795 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.
Sandy Springs, GA 30342
ph. (404) 256-4216

Ministry Links

metropolitan baptist church

Chaplaincy Ministry

www.sandyspringspolice.org/CommunityAffairs - Sandy Springs Police Dept.

International Ministries

www.crossimpact.org - Cross Impact Ministries

www.ipmworld.org/ - International Parnership Ministries

www.mwbm.org/ - Macedonia World Baptist Mission

www.odbm.org/ - Open Door Baptist Mission

www.wwntbm.com/ - World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions


www.ethnologue.com/web.asp - Languages Of The World

Mission Boards

www.bimi.org/ - Baptist International Missions, Inc.

www.bmm.org/bmm/ - Baptist Mid-Missions

www.baptistworldmission.org/ - Baptist World Mission

 www.biblicalministries.org/ - Biblical Ministries Worldwide

www.gfamissions.org/ - Gospel Fellowship Association


www.bju.edu - Bob Jones University

www.mbbc.org - Maranatha Baptist Bible College

www.gacs.org/ - GA Association Of Christian Schools

www.aacs.org/ - American Association Of Christian Schools

Bibles/Bible Study Sites

www.online-bible.com/ - Cross Country Software

bibledatabase.net/ - Online Bibles

www.bibleone.org/main.aspx - Bible One Software

www.biblestudytools.com/ - Crosswalk

www.e-sword.net/downloads.html - E-Sword

www.logos.com/ - Logos Bible Software

Creationism Sites

www.creation.com - Creation Ministries International

www.asa3.org/ - American Sciientific Affiliation

www.answersingenesis.org/ - Answers In Genesis

www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/ - Centers For Scientific Research

www.icr.org/ - The Institute For Creation Research

www.creationresearch.org/ - The Creation Research Society

Christian Heritage & American Founding Documents

www.earlyamerica.com/ - Archiving Early America

www.founding.com/ - Making Documents & Principles of the Founding of America Accessible

News Sites

townhall.com/ - Where Your Opinion Counts

www.worldmag.com/index.cfm  - World Magazine

Research Sites

www.ccel.org/ - Christian Classics

www.iclnet.org/pub/resources/christian-history.html - Guide To Early Church Documents

philologos.org/bpr/ - Bible Prophecy Research

www.tren.com/ - Thesis & Dissertation Research


www.sermonaudio.com/main.asp - Audio Sermons

www.spurgeongems.org/ - Spurgeon Sermons

Supporting Church Ministries/Resources

www.metropolitanbaptistchurch.org/ - Metropolitan Independent Baptist Church

www.sermonaudio.com/main.asp - Sermon Audio

www.abidingradio.com/ - Christian Radio

www.yourcreativepeople.com - Web Design & Branding

www.worthwhile.com/ - Custom Web Applications

www.greatchurchwebsites.org/web_designers_search.php - Directory Of Web Services

www.berean-baptist.org/ - Berean Baptist Church

 www.biblebaptistministries.com/ - Bible Baptist Ministries

www.wilds.org - Christian Camp For All Ages

www.christianbook.com/ - Christian Book Distributors

www.olivetree.com/ - Bible Study Aids

 www.rbc.org/odb/odb.shtml - Daily Devotional

 www.bbnradio.org/ - Bible Broadcasting Network

www.rbc.org/index.aspx - Radio Bible Class

www.ribtickler.org/meet-marilyn.html - Encouraging Churches/Ladies

www.smsrecordings.com/ - Sacred Music Services

www.bjupress.com/category/Music - SoundForth Music

www.asaphmusic.com/catalog.asp - Asaph Music - Rebecca Bonam

www.churchgrowth.org/analysis/intro.php - Spiritual Gifts Analysis

www.ipresson.com/ - Phone's For You

bju.gomeetingpoint.com/ - BJU Graduates Online Meeting Point